Human Performance Management

Further qualification using the EKF®-System

A modular continuing education system for Human Resources

The way we see ourselves

There is no other question a manager asks himself so much, as:
"What must I do today, in order to still be successfully different from the competition tomorrow?"
We will not let you decide this on your own. We have been working on this question - since 1991 - and we have been extremely successful. It is what we have been developing for general managers, executives as well as for people that want individual qualification programmes.

The reason

As we understand it managers are people that steer the skills of a company. They act carefully and quickly in global networks. Their most important KEY-SKILLS in the future apart from task-orientated specialised knowledge (specialist and process skills) will be: social / cultural skills, personality as well as leadership abilities.
According to our experience, we have seen that two "open" seminars a year are not enough, to train people well in matters of people/project management and behavioural / cultural changes. It is only a question of time until people fall back into the "old ways". The new behaviour is suspended and does not become part of the personality.

Your advantage

Therefore, we are offering you a qualification programme for managers as well as trainee managers. It is directly tailored to your position and company interests. Several qualification sessions will be spread out over the year's quarters. This guarantees that you and your employees as well as future managers will be accompanied with an on-going process, personal cooperation in the team is optimised and, therefore, your personalities will be educated "absolutely".

The method:

This development programme, that will be carried out using the EKF -Method, is focused on the three most important key skills: Method/Process skills + Social/cultural skills = Personality skills.

Your time exposure is spread over the calendar year in several sessions that last between max. 2 to 3 days each.

The procedure

We ask you the right questions in advance. One person is interested to know how to motivate a team, another would like to know, the best way to have a discussion with an employee. It is you that decides together with your team how you develop and how much time and energy you want to invest in your necessary skills.
Our qualification programme is constructed in such a way that the necessary contents and training can be offered for each of the key skills. In this way the trainer instructs and shows through real-life tasks how the participants approach from case to case new kinds of behaviour and then this lust also be tested in everyday situations. One's own behaviour determines present and future SUCCESS!

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