Human Performance Management
The author - Professor Günther H. Schust

Diplom-Kaufmann (Diploma in business and business-engineering),
born in Rottweil/Neckar and living in munich since 1985.

Partner of IHH International Head Hunters Munich

He is a Human Performance Consultant and trainer, visiting lecturer at the
Universities St. Gallen and Zürich-Winterthur / Switzerland and lecturer at
University der Bundeswehr Munich, and at the Universities of Applied Sciences
Kempten and Munich. He accompanies well-known companies of different sizes
in the implementation of performance increasing and personnel development
programmes in cooperation with international university. Moreover, he develops
and carries out together with managers simulated, learning experience orientated
in-house qualification programmes, management and employee seminars as well as
training for teaching method, process and social skills (Key-Skills).
Business management and engineering studies at the Universities of Tübingen,
Karlsruhe, Regensburg and St.Gallen.

After various types of work experience in Germany and abroad, he worked for almost
ten years in the electronics industry. Employed in responsible positions in the finance and
accounting departments as sales representative and personal assistant of the executive chairman
and chairman of the board as well as international personnel manager.

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Günther Schust